The Wizardry Academy is a building unlocked via leveling. The building gives the player acess to the spell book, which lets the player cast spells in combat.
WA Full


There are 15 spells the player can unlock each at a different level. Additionally each spell has three levels of power. A spells power level will increase the more the player uses that spell. All spells use mana, a player can change either cash or gold for mana. 

Spell Level
Fire Havoc

Available when

building is unlocked

Sacred Rain 19
Hell Abyss 21
Ether Sheild 23
Golem's Wrath 26
Age of Colossus 29
Deadly Frostbite 32
Poisonous Flood 35
Ultimate Hail 38
Yeti's Trail 41
2x Speed 44
2x Range 47
Instant Limit 50
Black Hole 53
Summon Dragon  55



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