Be water, my friend... and summon the WATERBORN BAHAMUT DRAGON!
Waterborn Bahamut Dragon Offer

Waterborn Bahamut Dragon Offer


Waterborn Bahamut dragon is the newest bahamut in the game, and it is the third strongest Bahamut in the game.


Life: 9100Attack: 212

Speed: 699

Range: 9999

Attack Delay: 30 seconds


Tsunami: Creates a massive wave which knocks enemies back & deals damage.

Steam Cloud: Makes a Ball of Steam to throw at a target which explodes hitting multiple enemies and knocking them back.

Ice Storm: Causes chunks of ice to fall from the sky, Knocking back multiple enemies and gives a short stun effect on multiple enemies.

Waterborn Bahamut Draggy: Summons draggy to assist. Max 4


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