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Be water, my friend... and summon the WATERBORN BAHAMUT DRAGON!
Waterborn Bahamut Dragon Offer
Waterborn Bahamut Dragon Offer
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Waterborn bahamut dragon is the newest bahamut in the game, and it its the third strongest Bahamut in the game.





Range: 9

Attack Delay: 30 seconds


Tsunami: Creates a massive wave which knocks enemies back & deals damage.

Steam Cloud: Makes an energy Ball of Steam to throw at target which explodes hitting multiple enemies and knocking them back.

Ice Storm: Causes chunks of ice to fall from the sky, Knocking back multiple enemies and doing a short stun on multiple enemies.

Waterborn Bahamut Draggy: Summons draggy to assist. Max 4


  • This dragon is the contray of Fireborn Bahamut Dragon.
  • The dragon almost looks like an electric bahamut because of its appearance and color.
  • It's the only water type Bahamut.
  • It's the 2nd Bahamut with the name "Born."
  • This might be a sign that there may be more "Born"-named Bahamut Dragons.
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