Walls are the basic defensive structures meant to uphold your empire and slowing down attackers. If you put a tower layered by walls it will confuse trolls and they will be walking in circles again and again. Always protect your towers with walls.

Wall´s Stats & Cost

  1. Wall I:  Health: 150  Cost: 35 wood
  2. Wall II:  Health: 400  Cost: 200 wood
  3. Wall III:  Health: 700  Cost: 400 stone
  4. Wall IV:  Health: 900  Cost: 1000 stone
  5. Wall V:  Health: 1100  Cost: 3000 stone

There is also a Wall Door, that let you when to open/close to control units movements in/out.

  • Wall Door:  Health: 1500  Cost: 3000 stone


Walls are cheap so you can buy them easily. If you dont have any resources go to this page for tips of earning resouces and more:

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