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  • TheFinalPhase

    Hello to the Social Empires wiki, TheFinalPhase here.

    For reference, I like using the word 'Fodder' for Soul Mixer components.

    During my time back, I've been experimenting with the Soul Mixer- just like about everyone else- but some things I've noticed may seem good to know. There seems to be a small pool of 'Strong' Soul Mixer fodder that can make some strong units when mixed. Remember- the outcomes are not guranteed and you may need to reenter the units multiple times in order to get your desired units.

    Notable Fodder, avaliable via Barracks from the past or now

    Orc Battering Ram - It's declared a strong unit for it's whopping 500 attack and 5,000 health, and therefore is a good fodder. When combined with some other decently strong units, so…

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