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    Any form of point scoring results in a permanent ban, why?

    Well considering you've already racked up enough points, and considering we cannot reset the points you've gained (mostly from point scoring and not actual useful editing) your account must be banned.

    Point scoring is always intentional, and never done by accident, there's a preview option so there's NO EXCUSE to constantly edit something, realise you've made a mistake and re-edit it again.

    As for excessive editing the same, even if you don't do it for points if you wish to do excessive editing (i.e. 1-4 brief edits) use the minor edit options.

    Just 1 example that I found earlier on:

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  • Saint shadow hex

    Merging pages

    April 24, 2013 by Saint shadow hex

    If you see any draggy units or and summoned unit, e.g. Galaxy Draggy is a summoned unit and the Galaxy Dragon is the summoner, add it to the summoner's page in this case the Galaxy Dragon. Also if you see any dragon pages without stats about it's draggy or photos add them onto that page as Draggy pages will soon all be deleted and merged.

    You can find all the Dragons here[[1]]

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    Welcome, this page is the commenting page (blog) for "Updates/News. Feel free to comment and give feedback about the page.

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    Message Wall

    March 28, 2013 by Saint shadow hex

    As of the 28th of March 2013 the message wall will replace the old "Talk Page" found on your profile, this is to ease sending messages, and mainly to ease working out which message was sent by who and at what time (as people tend to forget to leave their signature)

    Also feel free to comment as feedback so we know how useful or (hopefully not) useless you've found the message wall.

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    Undo, re-edit

    March 27, 2013 by Saint shadow hex

    I'll use this blog as a marker point from when to check wiki activity for spam, vandalism. In other words start from when I last edited this blog, and review more recent edits to find vandalism etc. I hope this helps, I will be using this all the time from now Example:

    11:02 Giant Viper (not reviewed)

    11:01 T-Rex (not reviewed)

    10:50 Caesar Gladiator (not reviewed)

    10:34 User blog:Saint Shadow hex

    10:32 Ramses II (edit has been reviewed)

    10:29 Villager (edit has been reviewed)

    In other words review anything after "user blog:Saint Shadow hex".

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