Welcome all to my blog!

Recently, with my work, i almost stop playing mmorpg. I start playing little games such as Social Empires, Social Wars and Dragon City I started editing in my free time cause social empire was lacking a lot of informations and pictures. I also love cats xD.

Feel free to ask me any questions ,or add any useful content to the units i edited

Genesis Ice God, Genesis Ice Colossus, 3-Head Dragon /rider, Caesar Gladiator, Fire Soul Eater, Medieval Golden Slayer, Spider Orc Rider, Death Warrior, Elemental Soul Colossus

Heres my unit for tourney in social empire: Predator Lizard,Ramses II,Tuthankamon,Medieval Golden Slayer,Spider Orc Rider,Caesar Gladiator,Elemental Soul God,Elemental Soul Colossus,Forest Extreme DragonRider Star DragonRider,Shock Savage Dragon,Easter Dragon,Soul Extreme Dragon,Paladin Bahamut DragonRider,Galaxy Dragon(lol),3-Head DragonRider
My team tourney

my tourney team

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