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    Social Empire Soul Mixer

    January 22, 2015 by Ji e toy

    Sorry, I'm not playing the game anymore, anyone who wants to use this table is free to do so without asking permission or anything. Have fun.

    Below I will place all the combinations I've found in the Soul Mixer. I will sort this list by name of the outcome unit, so it's easier to browse. In the list there will be actual results I've gotten, and shadows I see and reckognise (Mainly by using the unit encyclopedia in the game itself). I will write down the resulting unit, the two units needed, the time it took to make the unit (If known) and if it was a shadow or I actually got it.

    Soul Mixer combinations
    Resulting unit Unit 1 Unit 2 Time it takes Shadow or Actual result
    2-Head Frostfire Dragon Black Bahamut Dragon Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon

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