Welcome to the Updates/News page. Most of the active users on this site will be informed of this page via message, however please visit this page every now and then to find out any new updates/news.

  • Most Updates will be to do with anything from changing the site's theme to adding new links on Wiki navigation.


  • Most News (news updates) will be to do with new pages that might need editing, interesting blogs, tips, new interesting pages, major page updates, etc.

Note: this page is still in it's early stages, (consider it a Beta version) if you wish to comment or give any feedback about this page click here

28 March 2013 (Update)

  • Message Wall

Added the "Message Wall" which will now replace the old "Talk Page" found on your profile, this is to ease sending messages, and mainly to ease working out which message was sent by who and at what time (as people tend to forget to leave their signature) If you wish to read previous messages from the old "Talk Page" simply click on the "Message Wall" tab, and scroll down till you see the "See archived talk page" link, click on this to view all your previous messages.

29 March 2013 (Update)

  • New Favicon

Added favicon based on Mishy. What's a favicon? (for those of you who don't know) It's a little icon that appears generally to the left of the address of a website in the address bar of the browser, which is usually a tiny version of the website's logo. This will allow you to differentiate which tab is which a lot more easily (on google chrome/mozilla firefox, etc.)

31 March 2013 (News)

  • Site protection (Protection plan 2013)

Site protection, I believe this site has been improved vastly thanks to all the editors who spend their time adding reliable, adequate information. However it's 2 steps forward, 3 steps back especially when unregistered accounts edit pages (adding nonsense/spam, etc., add pages which is filled with spam or no content at all.

This site protection will only really affect unregistered accounts.

As there's very few admins patrolling the site, it would make it much easier to spot vandalism.

Because even if unregistered accounts made pages, we would only have to check them to see whether or not it's vandalism or not.

So now to spot any vandalism made on pages we'll only have to find as 'registered user account's name and warn them not to repeat their mischievous behaviour.

What about newly made accounts?

They will be informed that after 4-5 days they can start editing pages on this site, however they can create pages as soon as they make their account.

If anyone really wishes to improve this site I'm sure they can wait 4-5 days, if not makes some pages.

Summarization of what's going to happen:

  • Newly made accounts will have to wait 4-5 days to start editing however they can make pages straight away.
  • Unregistered accounts will no longer be able to edit any page on this site, they can however sitll make pages.
  • Any registered user (most of all you editors out there) whose account is older than 4-5 days won't be affected by any of this.

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