Part of the Pharaohs II unit collection (among with Anubis God), is the last member of the so called "Egyptian Civilization´s units.  As several units on this series, it have no attack/special abilities the player could use.

His usual attack stuns the enemies; and also could shoot "lighting balls" (no bolts) at some time as well as invoke a flare from his ring (aka Solar Flare) when enemies are too close.


Life: 1900 Attack: 50

Delay: 35

Speed: 6

Range: 6

Population: 3


  • Tuthankamon's appearance and name could be derievered from King Tutthe Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty (ruled ca.1332 BC - 1323 BC in conventional chronology) at the time of the Egyptian History a.k.a. New Kingdom.
  • There are many differences between the real King Tut and this unit, especially for its mispelled name which is actually Tutankhamun which means "Living Image of Amun" or, formerly Tutankhated riterally means "Living Image of Aten".
  • The original King Tut was discovered on his "Cursed Tomb" at the year 1992.He was mummified the time they found him.It was revealed he died was because of the combined malaria and Kohler disease II on his left leg(A), a chariot accident(B). However, Egyptianists finally revealed the reason he died was because of his Kohler disease (A).

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