is a Egyptian Civilization's unit  that can be spawned by Mummy;btained by soul mixing in Soul Mixer or on Unit Packs.  (will last about 10-15 seconds only if spawned).  Can be encountered on Dune Isle near some Scarabs.


  • Life: 500
  • ATK: 1
  • Range: 1
  • Speed: 5
  • Delay: 35 seconds


This unit is mostly a melee fighter. It can knock any enemies back within a 1 range. You might choose to attack it with long-range units. Even though it does very little damage, it can still knock your units back. In other words don't let it's small damage number fool you. Any weak units will be beaten.


  • It has a Mythical Isle counterpart called Hurricane.
  • It's not encountered on Pharaohs Isle surprisingly.
  • 3 of it can be found near Scarabs but they can't always be found that way.
  • It can't suck units inside & throw them out somewhere like real-life tornadoes.

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