Which comes first: Thunder or Lightning? Both! Summon the THUNDER EPIC DRAGON!

Thunder Epic Dragon offer

  • Offer Page
  • Cloud Balls
  • Thunderstruck
  • Twister Whirlwind
  • Thunder Epic Draggy
  • The Strange 'Storm'
  • Thunder Epic Dragon Chained up


LIFE: 7000

ATK: 179


POP #: 3


  • Cloud Balls: Can shoot balls rapidly that might do more damage than it's normal attack.
  • Thunderstruck: Creates a massive explosion that knocks back enemies & deal damage.
  • Twister Whirlwind: Spins like a tornado, knocks back enemies & deals damage.
  • Thunder Epic Draggys: Spawns Draggys to assist, 3 max.


  • This dragon has a strange vortex-like storm on the back of it's head.

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