The Phoenix

The Phoenix on Monster Isle

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the 1st unit in the Phoenix Collection. It can be obtained by buying with 80 Social Bucks or maybe winning in a tournament. It can be encounted on Monster's Isle & seen flying in front of a Monster Nest in the back.



LIFE: 1700
Phoenix Unit

Phoenix in Unit Collection




POP #: 3


  • It's got the lowest life out of the Phoenixes.
  • It does the least amount of damage compared to the other Phoenixes.
  • When it's defeated, it explodes just like the Rainbow Dragon.
  • When trying to make a link to this page, it's spelled, Pheonix This is a typo because Phoenix isn't spelled that way.
  • The Phoenix has no crest unlike the other Phoenixes.
  • When defeated it doesn't lay an egg & return like the Blue Phoenix, this means that once its defeated, its defeated.
  • The Phoenix attacks by shooting minniature yellow birds at you that set your units on fire when contact is made.
  • It's possibly the Monster counterpart of the Furious Dragon

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