Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple
General Info
Cost 6K Gold
Requirements LVL 40
Category Buildings
Subcategory Miscallenous
Benefits Getting the Supreme Bahamut Dragon after completing the 12 steps.

The Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple is the only way to get the Supreme Bahamut Dragon. It can be bought in the News section for 6000 gold & is availible at level 40.

The 12 Steps

The Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple allows the player to get the Supreme Bahamut Dragon after completeing 12 steps. Each step can be done every 48 hours, and cannot be sped up with cash, making it take at least 24 days (416 hours), to complete all steps. The steps do not need to be done in order. The steps are:

  • Offer 100K Gold
  • Offer 100K Wood
  • Offer 100K Food
  • Offer 100K Stone
  • Offer 50 Mana
  • Offer 50 Cash
  • Offer Supreme Heart

The steps that require the player to sacrafice dragons cannot be done with the dragons Rider Version.

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