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Supreme Bahamut Dragon
Supreme Bahamut Dragon High Res
General Info
Obtained Through Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple
Soul Mixer? No
Rider NA
Lifepoints 10,000
Attack 500
Range 15
Attack Delay 35
Speed 6

The Supreme Bahamut Dragon is the most powerful dragon in Social Empires. It can be obtained by completing the 12 steps by the Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple. After one step is done, it will take 48 hours after the time one step is complete.

Note: A player tested the power of the Supreme Bahamut Dragon by fighting it to all the Bahamut Dragon; unexpectedly, it won.

Getting the Dragon

Main Article: Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple

1. Offer 10,000) Gold

2. Offer 10,000) Wood

3. Offer 10,000) Food

4. Offer 10,000) Stone

5. Offer 5 Mana

6. Offer 5 Cash

7. Sacrifice the Furious Dragon

8. Sacrifice the Stormy Dragon

9. Sacrifice the Sayan Dragon

10. Sacrifice the Golden Bahamut Dragon

11. Sacrifice the Red Bahamut Dragon

12. Offer the Bahamut Heart

(Note that in order to get the Golden and Red Bahamut      
Dragons, along with the Bahamut Heart,you must complete their corresponding collections. The collection pieces are only found in the treasure mine, Zeppelin map 3 quests and beyond.)

Special Attacks

  • Supreme Ball Shoots balls to the enemy dealing massive damage.
  • Supreme whirlwind Rotates itself to make a whirlwind to take enemies away and deals damage.
  • Supreme Balls (Rain) Summons supreme balls from the sky and shoots at enemies on contact.
  • Supreme Bahamut Draggy Summons draggies to assist.(Maximum 6)


  • It is the second unit with the most Life points, it is tied with the Rockdriller for having the longest range of any non-siege unit, and it has the highest attack of any non-siege unit.
  • It is the only dragon that can spawn more than 4 draggies.
  • It can spawn 6 draggies max, however 7 draggies may be present if it respawns after one has died.               e.g. 6 draggies are present, yet one dies, so only 5 remain, if you respawn again you'll now have 7 draggies (5 from before + 2 new ones)
  • It cannot be used in TOURNEY.
  • It does NOT qualify as a colossus even if it is super sized.
  • Only the Orc Battering Ram and Kamikaze has as much attack as it.
  • It is based off a dragon from Final Fantasty, probably Bahamut.
  • Sooner or later, there is a chance a bahamut with "Born" on its name can outpower this bahamut.
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Supreme Bahamut Dragon
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