Spectrum Dragon is a rare dragon unit in Social Empires. It can only be obtained by luckily mixing it in the Soul Mixer or luckily obtaining  it on Units Packs.


Social Empires Spectrum Dragon01:17

Social Empires Spectrum Dragon

Life: 2000

Attack: 52

Speed: 6

Range: 9

Attack Delay: 35 


Fires Green Orbs.

Spawns either Skeleton Archer, Sword Skeleton ,Axe Skeleton like the Death Dragon and its draggy counterpart (Death Draggy).



  • Despite already being ridden by a Necro King, the LIMIT attack isn't shown.
  • It's the only dragon so far that can't be ridden by a Dragon Rider.
  • You can't choose this dragon's attacks unlike all the others.
  • This dragon & the Crystal Dragon (The one from Rainbow Dragons set of dragons) & Orc Dragon & 3-Head Dragon are the only dragons that cant spawn draggies.
  • You can mix it in Soul Mixer. Mix Vulcano Dragon and Black Bahamut Dragon (No Powerup).
  • It has almost the same stats as death dragon.

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