Spawn savage dragon

Spawn Savage Dragon

Can you hear its screams?

Its the Spawn Savage Dragon, the most horrific dragon of all ages...


One of the most rare dragons on the game. Not good looking but with the top Life points for a non-exclusive savage dragon; the best speed for its kind (10); a incredible ability to spawn up to 18 minions at once (yes, 18) with low stats but also with 10 speed, and with good attacks, this one should be a must-have. Available only on Savage & Ancients Unit Pack or by special (cash) offer shows up.


  • Life:          7800 / 8200 (with Rider)
  • Attack:       186 / 226
  • Range:           8 / 9
  • Population:     5 / 6
  • Delay:          30 / 35
  • Speed:         10 / 9


  • Ghost bite
  • Crystal fire-wave
  • Lethal stab
  • Spawn draggies swarm Up to 18 at once

Spawn Savage DraggyEdit

  • Life:             90
  • Attack:        10
  • Range:          7
  • Population:    2
  • Delay:          30
  • Speed:         10


  • Spawned minions seem to be able to "walk through walls" (or over?) on certain (undetermined) circunstances.
  • All minions have to been killed to re-spawn another swarm again.
  • they may be a bit weak but in packs they are a strong alliance

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