• Solar Dragon Rider silhouette

The Solar Dragon can be obtained by paying real money or in the Super Mistery Box Pack for 200 Cash.





Attack Delay:35



Meteor Shower:fires fireballs at the enemy

Sun Burnt:it creates a ball of fire that looks like the sun and it explodes

Whilwind:spins around and knocks back enemies

Spawn Draggies:it summons a solar draggy

LIMIT: Flies into the air and launches a barrage of fire under it. Inflicts heavy damage and knocks back enemies that were hit.


  • its face looks like abird in sideway vision
  • its foot looks like a bahamut's foot
  • it's wings looks like the 2 headed frost fire dragon but longer wings
  • It can be called Sun Dragon because of its fiery and sun-like appearance.

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