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This Wiki is currently going under some heavy maintenance and a partial, if not a complete redesign to make navigation, and your life - much, much easier.

This Wiki was created almost two years ago, and through those two years it has undergone heavy edits by anonymous contributers; if you see grammatical mistakes or outdated information, know that the reason listed above is why. I have recently added a monochrome of admins that are actively editing on the Wiki attempting to further its development.

If you want to be a part of the administration team then a good way to start doing this is to first sign up for an account

, and secondly start actively editing the Wiki with true, honest information, along with showing you put effort into it. 

Please, do not vandalize the wiki with gibberish. Vandalism will not be tolerated, and you will be banned for violating this policy.

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Monk's stats

Love Social Empires, but hate having to do missions? Luckily, monks will help you convert most enemies to your side, so your units don't do any work! But remember, bring them to safety or they'll die!

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