Sky Bahamut Dragon

The Great Celestial Bahamut!

This Bahamut comes from the Skies.

If your lucky enough to find this beast chained up near your empire. You can free it by bribing Zeus with your real money. this dragon is Brother of Hell Abyss Dragon.There is also a dragon rider version.


  • Life - 4000
  • Attack - 108
  • Delay - 35
  • Range - 9
  • Speed - 6

Special Abilities

1. Ether Balls: Shoots rapidly energy balls from your hand to dismember your foes! and even buildings! (Similiar to Sayan Dragons Energy burst)

2.Xplosive Feathers: If enemy is surrounding you, blast them away from you and damage them with this shockwave! Its "Shocking"!

3. Whirlwind: The ultimate attack, this turns you into a whirlwind. Send them flying and damage them quickly! Sky bahamut can also move around while in this state

Sky bahamut

   4. Draggies: Sky bahamut will summon 1 draggy that looks like him, to assist Sky bahamut in battle.

Sky Bahamut Draggy

Sky Bahamut Draggy


Sky Bahamut Draggy

  • Life: 700
  • Attack: 38
  • Range: 8
  • Speed: 8
  • Attack Delay: 30 seconds

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