Skull Epic Dragon Offer

Skull Offer

Fear its wrath and worship the darkness: the Skull Epic Dragon has emerged from the underworld!

Skull Epic Dragon can be obtained by buying with real money, winning in a tournament or by after mixing in the Soul Mixer.


LIFE: 6300



ATTACK DELAY: 35 seconds



Obscure Energy Balls: Shoots balls rapidly at enemies, knocking them back.

Plague Whirlwind: Spins like a tornado, knocks enemeis back whilst doing damage.

Seal of Doom: Floats in the air, and throws surrounding enemy units in the air rendering melee-based attackers useless, then throws them back down to earth when a pentagon opens within it's attacking range instantly killing all small units. Massive damage dealt to each unit.

Skull Epic Draggy: Summons a draggy to assist. Max 4


  • This is the 1st of the Epic Dragons to have veil-like wings.
  • It looks like their are other eyes on this dragon's body.
  • It's couterpart could be Soul Extreme Dragon.

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