Join the Bushido, the way of the warrior... and kneel before the SHOGUN EPIC DRAGON!


Shogun Epic Dragon offer


Life: 6400

Speed: 6
  • Shogun Offer
  • Mahou Crown Attack
  • Ninjutsu Blades
  • Katana Invocation
  • Shogun's Epic Draggy
  • Shogun Dragon Chained up in Dragoreaper's Kingdom
  • Some of Shogun's Stats

Attack: 158

Attack delay: 35

Range: 9


Mahou Crown: Can shoot energy balls from it's crown in rapid sucession.

Ninjutsu Blades: Probably slashes it's claws at enemies.

Katana Invocation: Summons a huge sword & spins around like a tornado

Shogun Epic Draggy: Summons a Draggy to assist.


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