Scorch Savage Dragon

Scorch Savage Dragon00:52

Scorch Savage Dragon

The breed of Savage Dragons has a new specimen: Scorch Savage Dragon is ON FIRE!!

The Scorch Savage Dragon is another type of Savage Dragon. It's the 2nd one so far. It can only be obtained by buying with real money when the offer appears.


LIFE: 7200


Scorch savage dragon offer

Scorch Savage offer

SPEED: 6                                                     


ATTACK DELAY: 35 seconds


Flamethrower: Flies high into the air & shoots a powerful flame to the ground. Burns enemeies upon impact.

Tornado of Death: Makes a tornado appear & it burns enemies upon impact & knocks them back.

Flame Twister: Spins like a tornado & makes flames appear around it. Burns enemeis upon contact.

Scorch Savage Draggy: Spawns a draggy to assist


  • It's the 2nd of the Savage Dragons, the 1st being the dragon species of same name.
  • This is proof that there are more Savage Dragons to come since the release of Rock Savage Dragon.

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