• The unbreakble ,Diamonds Savage Dragon
  • The living flame ,Scorch Savage Dragon
  • The mighty ,Rock Savage Dragon
  • The fastest ,Shock Savage Dragon
  • The original ,Savage Dragon
  • From a faraway place, the Space Savage Dragon
  • Can you hear its screams? Spawn Savage Dragon

  • Savage Dragon
  • Shock Savage Dragon
  • Rock Savage Dragon
  • Scorch Savage Dragon
  • Diamonds Savage Dragon
  • Space Savage Dragon
  • Spawn Savage Dragon

Savage Dragons

 Savage Dragons are the new species of dragon in Social Empires . They can only so far be obtained by buying with real money when the offer appears. They are the 2nd new type of Dragon, the 1st being the Epic Dragons.


They resemble wyverns because they have only 4 limbs, 2 back legs & 2 wings. They seem to have big wings just like the Epic Dragons. Some have spikes on their bodies like the Savage Dragon. They appear to have dagger-like spikes on their wings adding to their savagery ,excepting Diamonds Savage Dragon which has diamonds. They may be faster than the other dragons since on the Savage Dragon's offer page it says fastest of all! They have 4 talon's on each foot which is sort of the same amount wyvern's have. They are big in size but aren't bigger than the Epic Dragons.

Comparison to the Epic Dragons

They have a lot in common with the Epic Dragons. 1) They have wings bigger than their heads. 2) They're avalible by buying with real money. 3) They can be seen chained up near your empire. 4) There are many types of each species. 5) They're a new species of dragon.


So far there are 7 types of Savage Dragon. But there may be more in the future. There may be as many Savage Dragons flying around as there are Bahamuts.

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