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Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon Offer

Savage Dragon Offer

'A new breed of dragons is descending from the skies...'Fear the Savage Dragon! THE FASTEST OF ALL!!!


LIFE: 7000




ATTACK DELAY: 35 seconds


Skyfall: Leaps into the air and drops down knocking enemies back.

  • Skyfall Attack
  • Healing Snack
  • Fireball Ring
  • Savage Draggy
  • Ring Fireball in action

Healing Snack: Eats a nearby unit & heals itself by +172 each time.

Fireball Ring: Jumps into the air & fires fireballs that explode when in contact with the ground.

Savage Draggy: Spawns a Savage Draggy to assist. 4 max.


  • It looks like a wyvern with large spikes on it's back.
  • It had 4 limbs instead of the usual 6.
  • This is the 1st dragon offer where they show more than one of it.
  • There are 2 Savage Draggies in the Offer picture.
  • It's the new species of dragon along with the 'E'pic Dragons because another one, Scorch Savage Dragon appeared recently.
  • There may be more savage dragons in the future meaning this is a new type of dragon like the Epic Dragons.
  • It's one of the fastest Dragons around with a speed of 10.
  • When Savage Draggys attack, they fire orbs that resemble Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball Z.

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