Japan samurai

For the Shao Lin!!!

The Red Samurai is the 10th and last Hero made so far and the third of the heroes with controllable specials.


Life: 700

Attack: 30

Range: 1

Speed: 7

Attack Delay: 30

Population: 2

Limit: None



From top-left to bottom-right: Ronin's Attack, Samurai Rage, Bushido Whirlwind, Samurai Nightmare

Ronin's Attack: Red Samurai slashes his sword and shoots a yellow arc, which hits all enemies in front of him within range, knocking them back and dealing 50 damage to each.

Samurai Rage: Red Samurai slashes his sword through the air many times, dealing about 90 damage to units in range.

Bushido Whirlwind: Red Samurai holds his sword forward and spins for a while, knocking back enemies within range and dealing 10 damage each time.

Samurai Nightmare: Red Samurai shoots ghost skulls in eight directions that reach three squares in each direction., temporarily stunning units that come into contact with them stunning enemy units.

Use in Tourneys

The Red Samurai can be used as a replacement for Demon Crushers due to it's stunning special (Samurai Nightmare), although its lower life and attack makes it less favored among players than the Demon Crusher.

How to Get

The Red Samurai can only be bought from the Unit Collection, although it is sometimes a prize in Darts and some players have found links for getting Red Samurai for free (without hacking).

It was originally obtained from a cash offer.

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