Social Empires - Red Djinn Dragon02:15

Social Empires - Red Djinn Dragon

Good or Evil? Make a wish to RED DJINN DRAGON... if you dare!


Red Djinn Dragon is a dragon unit that can currently only be obtained by buying cash with real money.
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Offer Picture


LIFE: 6700




ATTACK DELAY: 30 seconds


Wish Granted: Charges a big ball & fires it at enemies. Knocks them back & deals damage.

Energy Seal: Makes fireballs appear & burns enemies badly.

Columns of Fire: Makes a massive circle appear below it. Knocks enemies back slightly, burns them & deals damage.

Red Djinn Draggy: Spawns a draggy to assist. Max. 4

Red Djinn Draggy Stats

Life: 800

Attack: 52

Speed: 8

Range: 8

Attack Delay: 30 seconds


  • It's the first of the Djinn Dragons. The second being the Blue Fire Djinn Dragon.
  • Three of its attacks are fire-based.
  • It's lower half has the appearance of a Genie.
  • It has wings that resemble the Red-Hot Epic Dragon.
  • It has human hands.
  • It has four limbs rather than the usual six.

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