Red Bahamut Dragon
Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 6.08.42 AM
General Info
Obtained Through Red Bahamut Dragon Collection
Soul Mixer? No
Rider Rider III
Lifepoints 2250
Attack 60
Range 9
Attack Delay 35
Speed 6
Rider Stats
Lifepoints 2450
Attack 85
Range 9
Attack Delay 35
Speed 6

The Red Bahamut Dragon can be recieved through purchasing Cash with real money along with the Golden Bahamut Dragon, using the Bahamut Nest on the mobile version or from the Red Bahamut Dragon collection which consists of five collectables Red Gems, Red Scales, Dragon Fire, Red Spikes, and Dragon Horns.

It is also possible to buy the Red Bahamut and Golden Bahamut Dragons from the Collections page. Their price is 400 Cash each.

The animation of this dragon consists of glowing fires which peel off and then disappear, and breathing out white smoke seen in the picture to the right after exhaling.

Note:You can only get the collections by playing quests on Zeppelin Map 3 and Zeppelin Map 4.

Sacrificing this unit is one of the 12 steps required to get the Supreme Bahamut Dragon.

Note that if you mount this dragon with a rider, you will not be able to sacrifice it nor dismount it nor get another dragon from the collection.


Flies: Charges a flame & shoots it at the ground, then it flies forwards knocking back & in some cases killing enemies.

Wing Attack: It's wings get very firey before it flaps them, then a huge fireball appears & knocks back enemies while also dealing damage.

Whirlwind: Spings like a tornado with fire surrounding it & knocks enemies back while dealing damage.

Spawn Draggies: Spawns a Red Bahamut Draggy to assist. 3 Max.

Limit Bar: Spins and unleashes Red lightning to multiple enemies.

Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 2.11.55 PM

Red Bahamut Rider


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