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Dragons are evolving... into armored beasts! Meet the REDD ARMOR DRAGON!


The Red Armor Dragon is one of the armored dragon unit in the game. Its the latest version of the dragons, It has an Armor.  This unit was only obtainable once when the Dragons Exclusive pack showed up.

The Red Armor Dragon is powerful that it may overpower every single units except the Supreme Bahamut Dragon and the newly released dragons.


Life: 9800

Attack: 229

Speed: 6

Range: 8

Attack Delay: 30


Energy Sphere: Shoots some yellow spheres from its hands.

Trap Summoning: Summons a golden trap

Blade Whirlwind: Rotates itself and forms a golden cyclone.

Draggy: Summons Draggies.


  • This dragon is one of the few armored dragons in the game.
  • This dragon is the brother or opposite of Golden Armor Dragon.
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