Quest Mode (Still in Editing Progress)

This is the mode where players can explore any A.I. controlled islands by clicking the first island whenever they recently joined in the game. There are 3 levels in every isle (indicated with star icon) but each can be played every 4 hours. So every completed isle will be playable again in the next 4 hours. Use the advantage of the real time to rise your rank much faster. Every island has its own difficulties (3 stars), some of isles requires you to confront a boss.

There are different sets of islands contain as:

  • Zeppelin Map 1:
  Mysterious Isle (Your first approach)
  Enemies: Boar Rider, Battle Troll, Big Troll, War Troll
> Unknown Isle (Axethrowers could be nasty, so watch yourself)
  Enemies: Axethrower, Boar Rider, Devious Troll, Ravager Troll
> Undiscovered Isle (Skeletons dealt higher damage, be careful)
  Enemies: Skeletons, Tower I
> Arctic Isle (First boss in the fourth map of first set)
  Enemies: Axethrower, War Troll, Battle Troll, Boar Rider
  Boss   : Giant Yeti (2 Yetis if you unlocked 3 stars level)
> Emergent Isle (Plenty of trolls)
  Enemies: Boar Rider, Axethrower, War/Ravager/Devious Troll, Tower IV,
  • Zeppelin Map 2:
> Misty Isle (Long range towers up ahead, tough walls limit your movement)
  Enemies : Viking Tower, Valkyrie, Viking, Axe Viking
            Oil Tower
  Target  : Town Hall
> Dune Isle (Don't go inside unless you cut down those towers)
  Enemies : Scarab, Egyptian Warrior, Egyptian Tower, Camel Rider,
            Anubis Avatar, Mummy
  Target  : Town Hall
> Desert Isle
  Enemies : Variety of Trolls and Stone Golem
  Boss    : Giant Stone Golem (2 Stone Golems with 48000 HP each in 3 star level)
> Nest Isle
  Enemies : None
  Boss    : Crimson Scale Dragon
  • Zeppelin Map 3:
> Heroes Isle
  Enemies : Variety of Heroes unit plus Monks
  Target  : Eliminate all enemies
> Asian Isle
  Enemies : Chinese Tower, Chinese Archer, Powerful Knight Archer.
  Target  : Town Hall

> Wild Isle
  Enemies : Fire Tower, Castle III, Elite Knight Master, Elite Knight,
            Villagers, Elite Swordsman, Powerful Knight Archer,
  Target  : Town Hall
  Tips    : Use Kamikaze and Fire Cannon units to assist you.
> Conquered Isle
  Enemies : Swordsman, Wizard Castle, Elite Knight, Medium Archer, Swordsman,
            Castle II, Castle III, Fire Tower, Tower I, Tower II, Tower V, Lightning Tower,
  Target  : Town Hall
> Civilized Isle
  Enemies :