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Queen Beast
Queen Beast
Basic Stats
Attack delay
Special attacks
Minion egg
Summons up to three Queen Beasts Spawns
Other Information
Obtained From
Tourney, Soul Mixer
Other Notes
You can only have 3 Queen Beasts (and thus 9 Queen Beast Spawn's) at the same time.

The Queen Beast is one of the stronger monsters in the game and she is capable of summoning Queen Beast Spawns, with a maximum of 3 until the spawn's are dead. As you can only have 3 Queen Beast Spawn's on the same time, (In tourney, on quests and in your village) you can only have a maximum of 9 Queen beasts spawns. You can win her in the Amateur Tourney; however, it is the strongest monster you can win in the Amateur tourney. You can also get it from the soul mixer by mixing a Rainbow Dragon and a Medieval Ether Messiah or Rainbow Dragon and a Orc Dragon (NP; 1st time) or Sayan Dragon and Galaxy Dragon or Sayan Dragon and Rainbow Dragon or by mixing Hades and Mad Balrog. She can also be obtained from the monster packs. Using her in combination with a Rainbow Dragon will make a Swamp Monster.


  • Her eggs are located under her body.

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