Pharaoh Bahamut on Pharaoh's Island

Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon is one of the new Bahamuts. It can be either obtained via Darts, won in a tournament or bought with Social Bucks. It can be encountered on Pharaohs Isle where 3 of it show up with 3 Pharaoh Bahamut Draggy surrounding each.

A Pharoah Bahamut Dragon surrounded by Draggys


Life: 2500

Attack: 67

Speed: 6

Attack Delay: 35

Range: 9


Breath From Hell: Breathes a big purple puff of smoke that kills/poisons enemies. Only works at a close range.

Shoots Balls: Fires yellow orbs in rapid sucession.

Rolling Attack: Jumps high in the air & rolls like a ball in place. Can move around like this & knocks enemies back deals damage.

Draggies: Spawns a Pharaoh Bahamut Draggy to assist. Max 3


  • It wears a headdress & false beard like Egyptian Pharaohs.
  • It's not found on Desert Isle despite Dune Isle being Egyptian-Themed.
  • It's one of the new Bahamut Dragons along with the Black Bahamut Dragon & Paladin Bahamut Dragon.
  • You can get it in soul mixer.galaxy dragon+sayan dragon or Rainbow Dragon + Furious Dragon Rider

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