Orc Dragon

Orc Dragon

Orc Dragon is a unit that looks exactly like Evil Orc Dragon and also has the same stats .


Health: 1700

Attack: 48

Attack Delay: 40

Range: 8

Speed: 6

Special Abilities

You cant command the dragon to do its attacks it does it on its own,

Shoot Balls: Shoots energy balls just like the Sayan Dragon that deals medium damage.

Normal Beam: Shoots a strong beam that looks just like Sayan Dragon Beam.

Ground Quake: Flies into the air & crashes down knocking enemies back.


  • This dragon is almost impossible to tell apart from Evil Orc Dragon unless you run your mouse over it.
  • It has the same stats as Sayan Dragon, and exactly the same stats as an Evil Orc Dragon.
  • It's cant spawn any draggies.
  • You can't choose this dragon's attacks just like with the Furious Dragon(except rider) , Stormy Dragon(except rider), Spectrum Dragon etc.

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