Unlock the door to release the Night Forge Dragon!


The Night Forge Dragon is one of the newest dragon in-game. It was based on darkness and night. It can only be obtained by Getting four keys from inviting four new friends.


Life: 10200 (with rider:10600)

Attack: 236(with rider:281)

Delay: 30(with rider:35)

Night Forge Dragon

Night Forge Dragon with it´s stats

Range: 8(with rider:9)

Speed: 6 (with rider:5)


limit Attack: None

Pure Fire: Shoots  a purple flamethrower from its' mouth, causing damage.

Perfect Storm: Makes light strikes fall from the sky hitting specific spots around it, causing damage.

Meteroic Crash:Jumps high and dives down head first, creating a huge (expanding) explosion, damaging and knocking back enemies.

Spawn Draggies: It spawns four Night forge draggies to assist. (they have a resemblance to the thunder forge draggies)

Night Forge Draggy

the night forge draggy has a resemblance to the thunder forge draggy,it has a life of (1000) and attack of (58).


1. This dragon is one of two dragons that their health pass over 10.000. Other dragon is Bull Armor Dragon.

2. His attack points is weak. So, better to use Supreme Bahamut.

3.He can used to Tourney event.

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