Nest Isle

Nest Isle is the next Isle on the Zepplin Map.


1 Huge Egg

On 1 star setting:

On 2 star setting:

On 3 Star Setting:

1 Huge Egg HP 2500

Crimson Scale Boss

  • Hp 30,000
  • Range 8
  • Speed 20
  • Attack delay 45 seconds
  • Attack power Unknown

Defeating it

You 1st must destroy the Huge Egg. Once you do that, the egg will open then it dissappears. Afterwards, the Crimson Scale Boss appears. He's tough to beat because of his high HP but if you use a Tiger Spider, Medusa & a lot of units with a good range & decent attack, he can be defeated.

Attack Strategies

Swarming Assault/Overwhelming Attack

Units needed:

Galaxy Dragon (Not necessary)

Rainbow Dragon (Not necessary)

2 Sayan Dragons (With spawned Draggys)

Maybe 1-2 Furious Dragons

1 Stormy Dragon (At least)

Any other dragon (Rider or no rider)

1 Tiger Spider (Atleast)

Grab all your dragons & have them all attack at once. The Crimson Scale will be defeated this way because he can only attack 1 target at a time. It may take a while but soon you'll beat it.

All Webbed Up

Units needed:

Tiger Spider (1 atleast. Maximum- As many as you want)

Random Units

This is recommended for those who want to keep the Crimson Scale in one place to prevent him from doing any damage. With a Tiger Spider, you can have him shoot a web & hold the Scale in place allowing your other units to attack.But the best way is to have 1 or more Sayan Dragons because of healing.

Outside Assault

Units Needed:

1-2 Furious Dragons

Draggy (As many as you can get)

Lightning Draggy (Read Draggy information)

1-2 Stormy Dragons

2 Sayan Dragons

Green Draggy (As many as you can spawn)

Golden Draggy (1 atleast)

Any other Draggys that can fly over things

Spawn at least one draggy & have it attack the Huge Egg. Then when the egg is gone, have it move to the outside & then let your draggys attack the Scale from a safe distance.

Army ant draggys (for all quests)

Units Needed:

As many dragons (no rider or rider) as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spawn as many draggys (3-4 per dragon) as possible and make them all attack at once. This may take a while but no units will be lost and when draggys die spawn more waves.

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