Necro Priest's Beam


Necro Priest cost in Necro Collection. Notice the wings


An up close look at the Necro Priest.

Necro Priest

The Necro Priest is part of the Necro II collection. He can be created through the Necro Castle as seen on Necro Isle.

ATK: 39

LIFE: 950


POP. #: 2


  • The Necro Priest resembles Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise.
  • He attacks by slashing green claws at you at first.
  • He has wings & seems to float in the air.
  • Unlike Pinhead, Necro Priest can't summon hooked chains as an attack.
  • Coincidentaly, Pinhead & Necro Priests are both priests.
  • Necro Priest's wings look just like the wings on the Draco Fountain found on Necro Isle.
  • Despite the Necro Castle being there, Necro Priest isn't found on Necro Isle.
  • The Necro Priest can heal itself & other units nearby it by +100

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