Necro Isle
Necro Island Civilization

Necro Isle Aeriel View

Necro Isle is the 12th island in the Zepplen Map. It comes before Dragons Isle & after Mythological Isle.

It contains:

(3 Stars)

3 Death Dragons

4 Necro Kings

2 Necro Abominations

4 Necro Worms

4 Necro Winged Warriors

A-lot of Sword, Archer & Axe Skeletons

4 Necro Multi-Arms

2 Necro Shark Monsters

10 Necro Towers

Necro Isle Later

Nacro Later

1 Necro Priests' Castle

How to beatEdit

1st take out the towers with your long-range units. After healing them, take down 1 or 2 walls near the Necro Abominations. Then use the Lure Strategy with draggies to lure the enemies closer to your stronger units. Afterwards defeat the Necro King, Death Dragons & Skeleton Archers. But be careful when going near the Necro Priests' Castle. It can fire green glops at your units & has a range equal to the Necro Tower's range. After taking that down go after the rest of the enemies there. Watch out for the massive amounts of skeleton fighters there because they can easily overwhelm some of your units. (Even the strong ones)You will need supreme bahum dragon to finish it.You can also take out the skeleton fighters with hell abyss if you can use that move.


  • Despite there being a Necro Preists' Castle on this island Necro Preist isn't found on here surprisingly.

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