Necro Units are a special class of units. They convert units all they kill into other Necro units.

List of Necro UnitsNecro DoubleSword God

  • Necro Doublesword
  • Necro Ghost
  • Necro Priest
  • Necro Paladin
  • Sword Skeleton
  • Axe Skeleton
  • Necro Fork Soldier
  • Necro Archer
  • Necro Horseman
  • Necro Winged Warrior
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Necro Harvester
  • Necro Multi-arms
  • Necro Shark Monster
  • Necro Abomination
  • Necro Gryphon Rider
  • Necro Warrior
  • Necro Dark Lord
  • Necro Worm
  • Necro Rhino
  • Necro King
  • Evil Scorpion
  • Necro DoubleSword God
  • Necro Minion

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