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Mythological Isle
Mythological Isle (Sky veiw)

Mythological Isle (Ariel View)

Mythological Isle is the island after Celestial Isle & before Necro Isle. This Isle has a Mythical theme to it. Many mythical beasts can be found on this Isle.

It contains:


  • 6 Mythological Towers
  • Barracks:
  • 1 Zeus Barrack
  • 1 Medusa Barrack
  • 1 Poseidon Barrack
  • 1 Hades Barrack
  • 1 Cerberus Barrack
  • 1 Rhodes Colossus Barrack
  • 1 Centaur Barrack
  • 1 Harpy Barrack
  • 1 Icarus Barrack
  • 1 Stratos Titan Barrack
  • 1 Pyros Titan Barrack
  • 1 Lythos Titan Barrack
  • 1 Ulisies Barrack
  • 1 Achillies Barrack
  • 1 Hermes Swordsman Barrack
  • 1 Hermes Archer Barrack
  • 1 Hermes Spearman Barrack

How to beat:

Attack from the area near where the Vulcano Dragon is so you can eliminate the strongest units 1st. Defeat the towers near there & defeat the Vulcano Dragon, Furious Zeus & God Zeus. Then take down Medusa. Use a Tiger Spider & a few other units to defeat her since she can turn your units to stone. Then take down the rest of the island.


  • This island has almost 1 of each unit.
  • Big Troll is here but its not Mythological.

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