Monsters Isle
Monsters Isle

Monsters Isle on Zepplin Map 3

Monsters Isle is another one of the islands on the Zepplin Map. It can be found on Zepplin Map 3. It comes before Pharaohs Isle & after Dragons Isle.


1 star:

1 Phoenix

1 Blue Phoenix

1 Green Phoenix

6 Tiger Spiders

1 King Kong

1 Summoned Yeti

1 Albino Werewolf

1 T-Rex

1 Fire T-Rex

2 Godzillas

3 Rockdrillers

1 Monster Mole

2 Mad Balrogs

4 Spiky Spiders

9 Monster Breeding Nests

2 Viper Nests

A-lot of Orange Trees

With 3 star:

  • 18 Tiger Spiders
  • 3 T-rex
  • 3 Fire T-rex
  • 3 King Kong
  • 6 Gorzillas
  • 3 Summoned Yeti
  • 9 Rockdrillers
  • 3 Monster Mole
  • 3 Albino Werewolf
  • 12 Spikey Spiders
  • 6 Mad Barlogs
  • 3 The Phoenix
  • 3 Blue Phoenix
  • 3 Green Phoenix
  • +10 monster nest
  • +2 Viper Nest

How to defeat:

To defeat this island try going after the Phoenixes 1st & work your way down. Defeat the Phoenixes, then go to the Mad Balrogs & the Spiky Spiders. After that be careful with the Rockdrillers & defeat them quickly as they have a range of 15. Watch out for the Monster Mole because while your army is focused on the Rockdrillers, they can deal damage. After defeating those units, move on to the Godzillas & the Summoned Yeti. Then take down King Kong & the T-Rexes. Then finally defeat the Tiger Spiders & any other leftover units you might've skipped. Be careful because on 2 & 3 star settings the amount of enemy units are doubled & tripled.


  • Despite there being Viper nests here, there are no Giant Vipers on this island.
  • Not all the units in the Monsters Collection can be found here surprisingly.
  • Colossal Cobra can't be found here despite being a monster.

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