13. Megahealing Angel
Megahealing Angel

It has the appearance of a lady with blue eyes, long single braided hair and 3 pairs of wings. Her attire consists of a golden winged helmet, pauldron, blue & white dress, a pair of boots and a long golden staff with a red gem. 


Her automated abilities is mega healing a single unit by 200 life point and cannot attack enemy unit. Her LIMIT ability is healing 9x9 area unit by 500 life point.


  • Life: 800
  • Attack: 200 healing point
  • Duration: 130s
  • Speed: 6
  • Range: 8

Soul mixer combinations(how to get megahealing angel)

Invisible killer+Furious dragon=Megahealing Angel

Invisible killer+Stormy dragon=Megahealing Angel

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