Medusa Medusa is one of the units in Social Empires where player can earned by obtaining through "Free Darts", purchase it by Social Cash, mixing in Soul Mixer or training in Medusa Barracks. It can be encountered on Mythological Isle. It has an ability which turns enemy into a stone which makes the stone unit unable to attack for a time.



  • Health: 550
  • Attack: 31
  • Delay: 25
  • Range:9
  • Speed:6
  • Population: 2


  • Able to freeze any kind of enemy units, giving more chance for an attacker to kill tougher units.
  • High range attack, suitable in long range which is a good choice to assist other units which have long range attack stats.
  • Good Speed: Faster than Infantry and Mounted (Archery Knights, Knights) units
  • Medium firing delay: Balanced in any situation, perhaps there's a chance of freezing enemy units even more in several battle situations


  • Has lower speed than Draggies
  • Low Health: important to protect it or it can die quickly.

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