Jewel Epic Dragon

Social Empires - Jewel Epic Dragon02:58

Social Empires - Jewel Epic Dragon

Diamonds are a dragon's best friend... to beat all enemies to death!

Jewel Epic Dragon is one of the many types of Epic Dragons. I can be obtained by buying with real money, winning in tournament or mixing in Soul Mixer.


LIFE: 6000

ATTACK DELAY: 30 seconds





Ruby Energy: Shoots big red-colored balls at enemies in rapid sucession. Surprisingly it can only be used if an enemy is close to Jewel Epic.

Emerald Summoning: The emeralds above its head glow before each fires a green beam at enemies. They only shoot one each though.

Diamond Whirlwind: Spins like a tornado with beams similar to Crystal Dragon's Multi Ray shooting out. Knock enemies back while dealing damage. Jewel Epic can move around like this.

Jewel Epic Draggy: Spawns a draggy to assist. Max 4


  • It, Crystal Dragon, Rubies Dragon & Diamonds Savage Dragon are the only dragons based on jewels, including their draggys.
  • It fires a rainbow colored beam just like Rainbow Dragon.
  • If you look carefully you'll see that it's very shiny & has a rainbow streak running over it's whole body.
  • It has one of the weirdest-shaped wings of all Epic Dragons.
  • It's attack Emerald Summoning mimics some ridden dragons limit attack but only hits once not multiple times.

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