The Ivory Dynasty Dragon is the newest dragon in the game. It is also one of the few strongest dragon ( like 9000+) and the strongest of Dynasty Dragons' group.This was, however, was only obtainable within 6 days by nviting up to 4 friends to play Social Empires or by paying Social Bucks.


Ivory Dynasty Dragon

Ivory Dynasty Dragon in Tourney along with other the units

Health: 9000 (9600)Rider

Attack: 200 (210)Rider

Attack Delay: 30(35)Rider

Speed: 6 (5)Rider

Range: 8 (9)Rider


Ivory Dinasty Dragon01:43

Ivory Dinasty Dragon

A Special Thanks to Paknot8

Explosive Blast - It goes up and sends a blast down knocking back enemies and dealing damage. 

Invisibility - It becomes invisible for some time.(10s)

Death From Below - Spikes rise from below giving a one hit KO to small units.

Ivory Dynasty Draggy - Spawns draggies. Max. 4

Limit Attack -  Shoots gerrn lightning and heals near by allies (126 HP).


  • The Strongest of all the Dynasty Dragons.
  • The second gold-based dynasty dragon in the game; the first one being Golden Dynasty Dragon
  • It cannot teleport despite being a dynasty dragon-creature.
  • This dragon's name was originally Ivory Dinasty Dragon(once a hacked unit) but when the SP team found this unit, they officially added this to the game and fixed its name.
  • It is the only dynasty dragon to have wings, apart from the Golden Dynasty Dragon .

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