Item Collections List

Collections consists of  grouped items lists that, if founded all together, "completed" that collection, and you can claim the reward associated with each specific collection.  Some rewards are just decorations, others will give you units and others are required for fulfill the Supreme Bahamut Dragon requisites on the Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple in order to get that unit. The pieces for the Golden/Red/Supreme dragons' related collections are only available on the Island Quests' Zeppelin Map 3 and 4. Is possible to get (some) that pieces by collecting the free daily collectible item if you have the Treasure Mine building.

Most collections are re-doable and you can get the reward as many times you could but others are bugged, like the one that rewards a Axethrower that cannot be claimed again if you put that unit on the map or even if you don´t but captured one with a Monk, despite if the unit lives, is on the Graveyard or is sacrified on Sacrifice Altar, other seems to be one-time-available only like the Golden and Red Bahamut ones. 

The 22 collections available are:

Mysteries of the Sand

  • Egyptian hieroglyph
  • The Pharaon Mask
  • Old Ceramics
  • Written Papryus
  • Horus Statuette

Reward: Pyramid

Ye Olde Chest

  • Wooden surface
  • Curved plank
  • Golden lock
  • Treasure map
  • Large Nails

Reward: Treasure chest

Flower Power

  • Red rose
  • Sunflower
  • White lily
  • Blue Geranium
  • Soil fertilizer

Reward: Garden

A Renaissance Touch

  • Golden rivet
  • Golden statuette
  • Marble base
  • Intricate brick
  • Pure water

Reward: Golden fountain

An Ancient Discovery

  •  Brown fur
  •  Ivory tusk
  •  Ice block
  • Ancient peanut
  • Fossil footprint

Reward: Frozen mammoth

The Hunting Threat

  • Leather Bracers
  • Large Fang
  • Leather Hardness
  • Horns Helmet
  • Sharp Axe

Reward: Axethrower

An Artic Discovery

  • Cold Water
  • Smelly Fish
  • Solid igloo
  • Snowball
  • Unhatched Egg

Reward: Penguin 

Snow Journeys

  • Blue pelt
  • Sharp Tusk 
  • White fur
  • Chipped horn
  • Giant Claws

Reward: Yeti Jr

The Diabolic Appearance

  • Golden Boots
  • Skull Head
  • Golden Earring
  • Black Ponytail
  • Scimitar

Reward: War troll

Scent of Magic

  •  Cloth hat
  •  Cloth tunic
  •  Wooden rod
  •  White beard
  •  Magic spellbook

Reward: Wizard

A Mortal Trap

  •  Quicksand
  •  Dirty rock
  •  Brown toad
  •  Cannibal piranha
  •  Ferocious crocodile

Reward: Crocodile pit

The Circle of Life

  •  Delicate statue
  •  Strong roots
  •  Small branch
  •  Pink leaves
  •  Life seeds

Reward:  Life tree

Sentence of Death

  •  Wooden shackles
  •  Strong planks
  •  Wicker basket
  •  Strong rope
  •  Guillotine blade

Reward: Gillotine

Trapped in Darkness

  •  Iron lock
  •  Iron bar
  •  Iron chains
  •  Iron shackles
  •  Prisoner suit

Reward: Prison

Hero Tribute

  •  Stone pedestal
  •  Stone legs
  •  Stone chest
  •  Stone head
  •  Stone sword

Reward: Soldier statue

Troll´s Best Friend

  •  Red necklace
  •  Tasty bone
  •  Brown fur
  •  Red balloon
  •  Pilot bonnet

Reward: Fly (pet)

Little Ball of Fur

  •  Cute necklace
  •  Tuna can
  •  Blue fur
  •  Small sleighbell
  •  Wool ball

Reward: Mishy (pet)

Bare Bones

  •  Fleshy bone
  •  Rusty sword
  •  Rotten skullcap
  •  Shriveled shield
  •  Evil skull

Reward: Skeleton

A Mounstrous Ally

  •  Leather shoulderpad
  •  Eerie helmet
  •  Reinforced bracers
  •  Bone jaws
  •  Spiked hammer

Reward: Ravager troll

Sound of the Forest

  •  Long bow
  •  Golden diadem
  •  Sharp arrow
  •  Leather quiver
  •  Wooden ocarina

Reward: High Elf

Golden Bahamut Dragon

  •  Golden gem
  •  Golden scales
  •  Golden dragon nail
  •  Golden feathers
  •  Golden horns

Reward: Golden Bahamut Dragon

Red Bahamut Dragon

  •  Red gem
  •  Red scales
  •  Dragon fire
  •  Red spikes
  •  Red horns

Reward: Red Bahamut Dragon

Supreme Heart

  • Black gem
  • Black scales
  • Supreme blood
  • Red pearl
  • Black spikes

Reward: Bahamut heart  

Bahamut Heart

The last collection´s reward

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