The island Quests are a series of islands that you can travel to to face new enemies. You can travel to islands by going through the Ship Maps 1-2 & Zepplin Maps 1-4. They recently added 2 new islands, Pharaohs Isle & Elven Isle. In order for you to continue to the next island, you must beat the current one your on with 1 star to get to the next one.
  • Ship Map 1
  • Ship Map 2, notice the Octopuss in the water

Quests Maps

After the last update, there are 33 islands including the God & Colossus Map isles and the limited-time-promo Hell's Forge´s isles.

Ship Map 1

  1. Mysterious Isle
  2. Unknown Isle
  3. Undiscovered Isle
  4. Arctic Isle
  5. Emergent Isle

Ship Map 2

  1. Misty Isle
  2. Dune Isle
  3. Desert Isle
  4. Nest Isle

Zeppelin Map 1

  1. Aztec Isle
  2. Asian Isle
  3. Wild Isle
  4. Conquered Isle
  5. Civilizated Isle

Zeppelin Map 2

  1. Hero Isle
  2. Mythical Isle
  3. Mineral Isle
  4. Dangerous Isle

Zeppelin Map 3

  1. Celestial Isle
  2. Mythological Isle
  3. Necro Isle
  4. Dragons Isle
  5. Monsters Isle

Zeppelin Map 4

  1. Pharaohs Isle
  2. Elven Isle
  3. (Unknow Isle)
  4. (Unknow Isle)

God & Colossus Map

  1. Gods Isle 1
  2. Gods Isle 2
  3. Gods Isle 3
  4. Gods Isle 4?

The Hell's Forge Islands (Special promotion)

  1. Vulcano Rock
  2. Demon Fortress
  3. Evil Temple
  4. Infernal Orbs Isle
  5. Hell Mountains


  • There are silhoutted islands which hint that there may be more islands made in the future.
  • The silhoutted islands look like the outline to Mythical Isle.
  • The islands are called 'isles' instead.
  • You can see Octopusses in the water just like on Mythical Isle.

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