Isis Healer


Isis Healer is an Egyptian Civilization unit (listed on Pharaohs I Unit Collection list) that formerly was a reward for the old '"Newbie´s Tournament" and also available for 90 game´s cash. Actually can be obtained buying Unit Packs or Soul Mixer. She have no special attack/abilitie the player could activate. She will heal other units on her range by 100 health points normally but she can do that by 200 HP on certain moments, going back to 100 after that.

She can be encountered on the Pharaohs Isle quest, near the Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon (that is not a Egyptian Civilization collection unit, despite the name).

  • Healer stats
  • Isis healing +200
  • Isis healing (+100)

  • Life: 500
  • ATK: 100
  • Range: 8
  • Speed: 6
  • Population: 2
  • Delay: 170 seconds


  • Isis Healer can heal your units +100 then +200 then back to +100.
  • She's based off of Isis the Egyptian goddess who was also the goddess of healing.
  • When she heals she glows blue & her wings grow bigger.

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