Infernal Dragon   A huge dragon coming from the Hell depths is terrorizing villagers & armies alike!


Infernal Dragon in the Unit Collections page.

Infernal Dragon is another unit you can get in the Dragons collection. You can obtain him by either buying him with Social Bucks, winning him in one of the tournaments, getting him in the Darts game

or mixing in Soul Mixer. It can be encountered on Dragons Isle


LIFE: 1800(with rider,1950)

ATTACK: 50(with rider,70)

SPEED: 6(with rider,5)

Range: 9

Attack Delay: 40

Population: 3


Hell Rain: Spews fire into the air & causes it to rain down on enemies. Acts like Vulcano Dragon's Fire Rain.

Wing Storm: Flaps its wings & knocks enemies back dealing damage.


  • This dragon can't spawn any draggies.
  • It's attacks can't be chosen, they work automatically (except rider).
  • This dragon can be easily obtained by reaching level 10 in Social Wars.

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