Hurricane is a Mythical Isle unit only available via Soul Mixer or by being Spawned by Neptune. Hurricane is regarded as 'A Rare Weak Unit For Newcomers' but has the life to beat weak players. Hurricane is very rarely seen in Tourney because of it's low life and mainly because of it's attack. Players would rather prefer a Neptune spawning Hurricane because that is an extra unit.


How To Use

  • If you have a Neptune right in a Tourney game spawn Hurricane. He appears and takes out quite abit of damage.
  • If you are playing one units against one unit get in range of the other unit. When he comes to attack spawn Hurricane and send him out. The enemy unit will be weaker and you can keep sending out Hurricanes' to attack.
  • Use any of the above tactics but this time with more Neptune!

Screenshot (9)

Hurricane's Stats.

How To Beat

  • Use a unit with large health and/or strong attack.
  • Use a Spell.(Not Recomended)
  • Use the 'Decoy' method.


  • When Spawned from Neptune this unit appears for about 10-15 seconds.
  • You tell this unit apart from Tornado easily because Hurricane has a blue-ish colour.
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
Soul Mixer or Spawned from Neptune

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