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If you meet an HORROR ANCIENT DRAGON and its minions... no one will hear you scream.


Horror Ancient Dragon is one of new types of Ancient Dragons. It can only be obtained by using real money when an offer is available.


Life: 8800

Attack: 206

Speed: 8

Range: 8

Population: 5

Special Moves

Atrocity: Summons a powerful atrocity. Only a single(1) unit can be summoned.

Blow-Bug: Summons a Blow-Bug unit. Max is 2.

Impaler: Summons an impaler. Max is 3.

Devourer: Summons a devourer. Max is 10.

LIMIT (rider only) : Hurls itself up the skies and crash to the ground, dealing high damage (around 500) to all surrounding enemy units, and knocks back enemies.


  • This dragon's blow-bug acts like a kamikaze.
  • It has a counterpart version, Dark Horror Ancient Dragon
  • Maximum Devourers per dragon is 19. If you create one set and have a single one killed, you can spawn a whole new set of 10.

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