Hell Mountains
Hell Mountains Isle

Hell Mountains Ariel View

Hell Mountains is the last isle in the Hell's Forge Island Quests. It's the 1st of the Quests to contain a dragon as the final beast you need to defeat.

It contains:

1 Hell Abyss Dragon

3 Hell Abyss Draggies

2 Giant Cyclops

1 Ares

7 Halberdiers (Total)

5 Infernal Demons (Total)

Troll Town Hall III

How to defeatEdit

Use your free Elemental Light God & Elemental Light God Colossus to your advantage. 1st attack the nearest enemies. Then take down the 2 cyclopses but be careful cause the buliding behind the cyclopses can deal damage. Then take down Ares & the Halberdiers & demons. Afterwards, heal your units. Before attacking the Hell Abyss Dragon destroy the Infernal Tower between you & the final enemy. Then do the Swarm Strategy. In other words, have your free God & Colossus spawn all their minions, your dragons spawn their draggies (If you have any) then have all of them attack the Hell Abyss Dragon & his draggies. You will have a super chance to defeat if you have only one Chameleon, best transform to Hell Abyss Dragon and attack are 117, now, you have more chances


  • You get a free God & Colossus when you play this island but when you return to your empire, they don't appear. (Even when defeated) This means that they're only here to help you with this island.

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